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Receive immediate insight into your organization’s Data Governance Strengths and Weaknesses

Screenshot of Data Governance Assessment

The Assessment is Thorough and Easy to Understand

Each of the 36 questions includes a range of 5 potential answers. Simply choose the answer that best resembles your organization.

Screenshot of the Assessment Results

Obtain Immediate & Meaningful Results

You'll immediately receive your overall score along with detailed scores and recomendations for each of the four data governance competency areas.

Screenshot of the member portal

Your Results are Stored

Access past results via your free member account. You can also retake the assessment to compare results and gauge your progress.

A Valuable Part of a Whole

This assessment is just one of several tools included in the four-step Analytics TO WIN® method used to craft a data management & analytics strategy. Typically included with a paid engagement, we’re offering this assessment to you for free to help you realize the value of using the Analytics TO WIN® method.

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To take the free assessment, we'll have you create a free account so you can access your results at any time.

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