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Data Governance Best Practice:

Establish a Data Dictionary


BEST PRACTICE: Establish a Data Dictionary

COMPETENCY: Data Governance Operations


Best Practice Details: A data dictionary serves as the mechanism for centralizing and sharing standardized and consistent data definitions. The formality and sophistication of the data dictionary can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization. The dictionary can be as simple as a shared spreadsheet of definitions, to a web-based wiki-site that can be accessed and searched by various organization users. More advanced organizations may benefit from a formal data dictionary technology solution, commonly found in many data catalog solutions.

Data Governance Competencies: Data Governance can be achieved by addressing four (4) key competencies:

  1. Organization - Data Governance requires structure and commitment from the organization.

  2. Policy - Data policies govern aspects of all phases of the data lifecycle.

  3. Security - Understanding which data to secure and then setting the standards and procedures to execute proper security are vital.

  4. Operations - This competency focuses on specific practices, procedures & technologies needed to execute data governance policies.

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