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Data Governance Best Practice:

Define Data Domains


BEST PRACTICE: Define Data Domains

COMPETENCY: Data Governance Policies


Best Practice Details: Data domains are logical groupings of data that are of interest to the business functions supporting the organization. Ideally, each core business function will have its key metrics and dimensional data included as part of a defined data domain. Each data domain should then be assigned to a senior executive with the corresponding responsibility and accountability for the given business function.

Data Governance Competencies: Data Governance can be achieved by addressing four (4) key competencies:

  1. Organization - Data Governance requires structure and commitment from the organization.

  2. Policy - Data policies govern aspects of all phases of the data lifecycle.

  3. Security - Understanding which data to secure and then setting the standards and procedures to execute proper security are vital.

  4. Operations - This competency focuses on specific practices, procedures & technologies needed to execute data governance policies.

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