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Welcome to Analytics TO WIN®!

We’ve been helping companies use their data to solve problems for more than 25 years. Over that time, we have learned and tested numerous techniques, and developed a series of tools that ultimately came together to become Analytics TO WIN®.

A practical and prescriptive method for crafting a data management and analytics strategy

The method includes a series of easy-to-use assessments, tools and templates that help your organization develop a concise and realistic strategy. The resulting strategy serves as the roadmap for your forthcoming data management & analytics-related projects.

What makes the Analytics TO WIN® method so effective?

  1. Alignment. Each of the 4 Steps in the method are intentionally designed to create alignment between the overall corporate or departmental objectives and ultimately, each of the data management & analytics projects in the strategy.

  2. Structure. The method provides a structured approach for crafting the strategy. All too often, strategy projects get “stuck in the weeds” or simply get off-track. The Analytics TO WIN® method avoids these pitfalls by providing the structure to stay focused and complete the process more quickly.

The Method

This effective method is broken down into four steps, each with its own objective and target audience:

  1. Define | Audience: Executive Leadership Objective: To define your organization’s strategic data management and analytics objectives

  2. Assess | Audience: IT Leadership Objective: To assess your organization-wide data management and analytics environment and related competencies to determine areas of improvement

  3. Identify | Audience: Department/Function Management Objective: To identify specific projects and/or initiatives that will address department-specific data and analytics-related challenges and gaps

  4. Assemble | Audience: IT Leadership, then Executive Leadership To assemble the final Analytics TO WIN® deliverables, including the Strategy Matrix - to gain leadership approval

About Our Founder

Shawn Helwig is a problem solver, a facilitator, a vision-maker, an adviser, and a whole bunch of other things. He has been helping companies use their data to solve problems for more than 25 years.

Shawn is the Managing Partner of Total View Analytics and has the passion, integrity, personality and expertise to help your organization make better data-driven decisions.

Looking for a starting place? Take our free data governance assessment.

Receive immediate insight into your organization’s data governance strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to follow and you’ll immediately receive your score. We’ll help you identify key challenges in your organization and gain insight into your data governance profile.


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